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Now what’s YOUR big idea??

Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you thought can change the world?

The world is filled with people with ideas.

EVERYONE has ideas.
Most let them remain as ideas.
Some may take LITTLE action on these ideas and give up.
A few take BIG action and push through regardless of what happens.


Walt Disney got rejected by 302 banks before he got a loan to start Disneyland. How many of us would have quit after 10?

Thomas Edison made over 10,000 attempts before he invented the light bulb that works. How many of us would have quit after 50?

Now what's your big idea?
How about combining Disney’s idea with Edison’s? Just kidding…

Some of the greatest ideas in this world may not be original. Someone else, perhaps even YOU, have thought of it before the person who actually went out there and made it happen. You may recall moments when you read about an awesome new invention or in today’s context, some great new million-dollar generating app that everyone’s using, and you say, “That was MY idea!”

Yes, perhaps it was. Great ideas come from everyone. The difference lies in the action taken.

The ones who succeed ignore the naysayers and every obstacle that stands in their way. If you aren’t prepared to fail, you aren’t prepared for success either.

Now what’s YOUR big idea? Are you ready to take BIG action on them? If you did and you didn’t succeed the first time, are you ready to PERSIST?

If not, then you are not ready to succeed.

Sit in your comfortable chair, watch some YouTube or play some Candy Crush. That’s what most people do anyway.

Not starting anything or giving up is always easier than to bear the pain of failure and carry on.

However, if you truly believe that what you have in your mind is worthwhile, then don’t stop until you manifest the idea and make it happen. NEVER ever give up. You will not regret that decision. You’ll never know if your idea is one that will change the world, beginning first with you.

Work with me if you have an idea in your head and you are ready to take massive action on it. Have an awesome day!


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